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Ok, when I left iOS behind I realised I’d have to take a hit in the old games side of things. Apart from the amazing Kairosoft games, the Android Market (or Google Play as it’s properly known) is somewhat lacking in quality games.

So when I stumble across a cracker, I feel the need to SHOUT about it. Rebuild is such a game. It’s basically a turn based zombie survival game and it will literally have you hooked within minutes. I keep putting it down and then finding excuses to go back to it. It’s like Game Dev Story all over again.

The basic jist of things is that you have to reclaim your local town from the flesh eating badboys by making decisions about movements, growing food, attacking zombies etc etc.

You can grab this over at Google Play for like 60p or something ridiculous. I couldn’t find any decent vids unfortunately but come on, it’s 60p.

PS – It’s also available for iOS over on the ol’ iTunes.