A series of simple voronoi fracture and shatter tests created using Phymec Tools.

The scenes were all setup quickly, simulated in real-time, and rendered overnight. Didn’t bother much with details or texturing. Rigid body / shard count kept reasonably low for these simple tests. These are primarily intended to be simple illustrative examples for some of the uses for voronoi fracture and shatter tools.

All scenes rendered using the 100% OpenCL (xPU) accelerated SmallLuxGPU v2 (PathGPU2) render engine in SLG Live! mode, typically @ 20 secs/HD frame, no delay between frames. Only de-noise in post. All done on a home PC running Windows 7 64-bit on Intel i7 720 CPU and two AMD HD4890 GPUs.

Created using Open Source Software:
Blender 2.6: www.blender.org
(includes Bullet Physics engine: www.bulletphysics.com)
SmallLuxGPU ( SLG ) v2 OpenCL render engine: www.luxrender.net/wiki/SLG
HACD: www.sourceforge.net/projects/hacd/