Using a YEI 3-Space Embedded Sensor and Sony HMZ-T1 Headset a simple head tracking demo in UDK was made. Taking advantage of UDK’s ability to bind external DLLs getting orientation data into Unreal is only a few lines of uscript and the 3-Space C API dll. With the integration of RealD into UDK the scene can be rendered in 3d on the headset without additional external 3rd party applications.

Here is a video showing the YEI 3-Space Sensor for head tracking in ArmA II. This technique should work for Day-Z as well.

Below is a demo of using 17 YEI 3-Space Wireless Sensors and 3 3-Space Wireless Dongles motions from an actor can be applied to a mesh in real-time and can be used to interact with a virtual scene. Adding a head mounted display (HMD) to the suit allows for an immersive first-person experience with head and body tracking.