Survival Capsule LLC, a company based in Mukilteo, WA has designed and is testing a Tsunami survival capsule.

Julian Sharpe leads the team of creators of the capsule, who have tested it to make sure it can handle temperatures of up to 1,200 degrees and the weight of nine cars. They also tested the capsule by dropping it at 18 miles per hour onto concrete, with sandbags inside standing in for people. The sandbags broke open on impact, but other than that, Sharpe said the capsule worked perfectly. In fact, he’s willing to wage his life on it.

In order to help spread the word about about survivor capsules, Sharpe is seeking permission to take a six-seater over Niagara Falls. He said he’s sure he’ll survive the drop, and he’s hopeful that his capsules – which could cost $8,000 each – will take off and save lives.

This brief video was produced for a trade show in Japan and features preliminary testing of the unit. Their intention is to create different models in varying sizes and passenger capacity.