ORM Entertainment present their most recent update to their ultra-realistic digital version of the Titanic in Cryengine 3.

The mod is for an upcoming adventure game called ‘Titanic – Lost in the Darkness’, the story of 93 year old Titanic survivor Howard Williams, who after a failed bank robbery in London, attempts to flee England on the Titanic. Although originally a third class passenger he manages to bribe officers and stewards to secure a place in first class among the rich and wealthy.

Everything seems perfect, with the past events securely behind him and nothing else to hinder him. However, disaster strikes when Titanic unsuspectingly hits an iceberg and Williams discovers the ship is to sink.

Third class passengers find themselves sectioned off from the rest of the passengers and crew, unable to reach the boat deck and save themselves. Williams is their only hope to liberate them from their deadly prison.

ORM hint at a demo version being released but you’ll definitely need at least 2-4GB ram accompanied by a decent GPU and CPU.

Loads more videos on their youtube channel.

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