No.40 Tetsuo Shima (AKIRA)

Medicom announce the release of the Akira collectable toy of Tetsuo Shima. You can get one for 18,690 yen (about $206 US).

Featuring an additional “post-awakening” screaming head as well as a normal head, well as amazing post-awakening right arm parts – you can choose how you would like to display him! His boots are made of a special soft material that facilitates numerous poses and he features an amazingly authentic costume! His cape even features a super-fine wire that allows you to recreate the feeling of wind and motion for dramatic reenactments! Built on the RA330 body and featuring a special figure stand, this figure can be posed in almost any position you can imagine!

Prototype by Keisuke Sawada (Sawada Kobo)
Production Supervision by Mieko Akimoto

Releast date: late Oct-2010

If you have come from another planet and don’t know what Akira is, here is the trailer in HD: