This is what the next Superman game or Grand Theft Auto V should be like! The Superman Model was converted by H1Vltg3 as a playable character in Grand Theft Auto IV to go with the Superman Mod v2.0 by Nixolas1. The iCEnhancer 1.2.5 Final Modified Settings are by H1Vltg3 for graphic enhancements. These 3 mods combined have been featured on multiple top gaming sites including G4TV, Kotaku, PCGAMER, and GamesRadar.

This video shows how cool it can be to fly around a beautiful Liberty City… or Metropolis?!

H1Vltg3 has made a number of GTA IV mods with characters including target=”_blank”>Iron Man and target=”_blank”>Captain America and Deadpool, below. The Deadpool video shows Dpeasant3‘s v4int ENBSeries 0.082 Palette Texture Settings, which you have to watch in HD to see how awesome it looks!

Download Superman model here

Download Superman Mod v2.0 by Nixolas1 here

Download the H1Vltg3 Final iCEnhancer 1.2.5 Modifed Settings here

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