Sunset is an upcoming first person physics puzzle developed by one-man studio Egor Rezenov, due to be published by ND Games / Noviy Disk in 2011. In a similar vein to Valve’s Portal, Sunset  puts the player in control of a high tech weapon that can manipulate the laws of time, space and gravity, but combining these powers in Sunset is set to take things to an even more mindbending extreme!

The game is set in the distant future, when the Sun is dying and the Earth is slowly becoming an icy wasteland. Scientists must quickly research how to create the first artificial Sun – the only hope for humanity to survive. Rupert Collin is the genius scientist and constructor of the artificial Sun who goes mad with the ‘Syndrome of God’. Now he believes the life of humanity is in his hands.

The player takes on the role of Arthur Evans – the one man that has the power to stop Collin from destroying the artificial Sun and save humanity from extinction! Discover the mystery of the hero’s origins, solve puzzles in deep-space settings, discover the bizarre nature of the surroundings, objects and their physics.

SUNSET: the new groundbreaking adventure and puzzle game.

Gameplay features:

• Ability to change the world with a single mouse-click
• High-level physics engine
• Unique puzzles based on physics, object behaviour, combinations of elements
• Deep in-game atmosphere
• Modern graphics
• Surrounding world is highly detailed and completely interactive
• Deep authentication of player with the hero of the story

Watch this space for more info!