“Subway”: Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner Trailer

Falcon Gunner starts with the scene from the original Star Wars inside the Millennium Falcon after they escape the Death Star and the TIE Fighters attack. You are Luke Skywalker in the gunner’s turret below, and you turn the iPhone to rotate around and shoot the attacking TIE Fighters while Han Solo and Princess Leah either encourage or heckle you depending on your skills. In the 360-degree background is the Death Star and an earth-like planet, which come into view depending on which way you turn. The game is completely immersive, and works especially well while sitting in a swivel office chair.

An iPad version will come out soon, and Vertigore hopes to create more Star Wars-themed games in the future, which will tie together different immersive adventures across the Star Wars universe. Unrelated to Star Wars, Vertigore is also creating immersive iPhone games for Hasbro’s upcoming 3D View-Master.

Falcon Gunner is licensed from Lucasfilm, published by THQ Wireless, designed and developed by Vertigore Games.

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