Nintendo unveiled the trailer for Star Fox 64 3D at this year’s E3 event in Los Angeles. “Starfox 64 3D” brings Nintendo’s 1993 space dog fighting hit to the 3DS. New controls allow users multiple different ways to fly, and the multiplayer addition makes the experience more enjoyable for all. And of course, it is in 3D.

Returning from the original Star Fox game are wingmen that fly beside the player in Arwings and are sometimes pursued into the player’s field of view by enemies. Slippy will scan the boss characters and display their life bar on-screen. Peppy will provide gameplay advice, and Falco Lombardi will help open up routes to harder levels. At some points in the game, other minor characters, such as Fox’s old friend Bill or Falco’s friend Katt, appear to help the team in different situations.

Star Fox 64 features multiplayer support for up to four players simultaneously. There are three modes of multiplayer play: a “point match” in which the player must shoot down an opponent a certain number of times, a “battle royal” in which the last player not shot down wins, and a time trial to destroy enemy fighters. The players will be able to take photos of themselves and they will appear in-game.

Star Fox 64 3D is expected to be released on July 14 2011 in Japan.