iPhone gamers have had a lucky few months this year. The App Store has played host to ports of R-Type, Flashback, Monkey Island, Broken Sword, Beneath a Steel Sky, Altered Beast and many more classic titles. There are already emulators running C64 and Spectrum games, an Amiga emulator from retro specialist Manomio, and the Modizer chiptune player.

So it’s no surprise that the recently announced Speedball 2 Evolution has been generating a bit of interest among retro gamers. Originally released by Bitmap Brothers in 1990 for Commodore Amiga and Atari ST, this latest return to the Speedball 2 universe was produced by Jon Hare’s Tower Studio in collaboration with Vivid Games. As a founder of Sensible Software, Hare is responsible for some of the Amiga’s greatest moments, including Mega-lo-Mania, Cannon Fodder, and the Sensible Soccer series.

The new game takes advantage of the iPhone’s tilt controls, along with a d-pad on-screen. Speedball 2 Evolution will introduce an Intergalactic Champions League, where you’ll be able to play against 12 intergalactic teams of humanoid extra-terrestrials on fire, ice, and cyber planets.

On the subject of future releases, Hare said “we’re in a good position for retro games so we might look at bringing another Bitmap game to iPhone – probably The Chaos Engine.”

Speedball 2 Evolution was released on iPhone and iPad early in 2011.