A lot of well known companies are building their own smartwatches, the new ones try to get funded on portals like Indegogo.Looks like the market is rapidly expanding as everyone seems to want one of these cool gadgets.


There’s currently 2 main types – The stand alone watch, and the Bluetooth smart watch. The first is a mini telephone computer, it can take and accept calls, run apps. The second is mostly a screen that connects to your phone via Bluetooth, wirelessly sends and receives data from a smartphone in real time and acts as an additional interface to interact with smartphone. The display of a watch is still intended for timekeeping but it also displays notifications such as calls, e-mails, messages and posts to social media. You can remotely control it to play music, click pictures, use voice command systems and more. What I find it really useful is that it can be used as a fitness tracker. Price? between 170 up to 300 $ (and more for new prototypes).

What’s your opinion? are you currently using it or planning to get one this Christmas either for yourself or as a present?