Canabalt is a one-button 2D Sci-Fi platformer by Adam Atomic of Semi Secret Software, with awesome music by Danny B!

Adam ‘Atomic’ Saltman’s one-button action-opus Canabalt will likely go down as 2009’s biggest viral surprise – the game captured 120,000 players by its second day, and subsequent 650,000 by the week’s end, saw Twitter/iPhone port promotions subsequently rolled out as quickly as possible.

The player controls a man on the run and the purpose of the game is for the player to get their constantly running man far as they can. The levels are randomly generated and made of the rooftops and hallways of buildings. Players must avoid objects they can trip over, falling machinery which could kill them, crumbling buildings, and must aim carefully to smash through windows into building hallways so as to not fall to their deaths. The player can only jump and is unable to move left and right. The game’s speed is ever increasing unless you stumble over boxes. The distance the buildings are apart is dependent on your current running speed, so it will never be impossible to get a jump because you weren’t going fast enough.

Be sure to buy the game on the iPhone at and check out the original sketches for the game at

original sketch of Canabalt.