the ZKM | Karlsruhe is presenting the large-scale exhibition micro | macro by Japanese artist and composer Ryoji Ikeda. The planck universe consists of two overwhelming projections which unfold on an area of over 375 m2 . The installation explores human perception on the smallest microscopic level as well as the largest level of endless space beyond the observable universe. Pictorial worlds which have been enlarged to our proportions by the Planck scale (10-35 m) can be perceived on the large-format floor projection of the planck universe [micro]. Scientists use the Planck scale to describe the smallest units of our universe, so-called “strings”. So while visitors enter an immersive area in the planck universe [micro], in the planck universe [macro] they experience a macro scale of 1026 m, which lies beyond the observable universe, by means of an immense wall projection over three floors with engaging sound.