This is the third installment of Alpha gameplay footage for Primal Carnage, the online multiplayer game of dinosaur vs. human. The cast of characters continues to expand, the graphics improve, the environment comes alive, and more elements of the gameplay begin to emerge.

The game is still under development, so be sure to check back regularly for updated information, media, and announcements. Head over to the forums to interact with the community and the development team, and for some awesome discussions about the game.

Primal Carnage is an asymmetrical online-multiplayer class-based game of humans versus dinosaurs. Choose to play as either side and prepare to engage in a heart-pounding, fun, and visceral experience of combat, stealth, strategy, and survival. Hunt and be hunted!


  1. Brrrr even though i KNOW that as an ape i can escape the clutches from those raptors i would be at the right biting height for the enormous t-rex! OMG when the jungle shakes RUUUN! I hope there will be some kind of balance in the multiplayer because being a dinosaur feels like OP!

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