ORION: Prelude is a fast-paced Sci-Fi First-Person-Shooter. It features a retro-vibe, addictive gameplay and insanely awesome features such as jetpacks, dinosaurs and vehicular combat.

ORION: Prelude pays homage to other classics that we grew up on that entertained us as gamers as well as inspired the developers. You will see inspiration from classics such as the Unreal Tournament series, Quake 2 CTF, Starsiege: Tribes, early Counter-Strike betas and plenty of their own unique takes and twists in the design and mechanics. With only a first glance at ORION: Prelude, you will know that this is a game being made by gamers.

ORION: Prelude will have a TON of content and a large feature set. They’ve stepped up on the technology front and ORION: Prelude will now be powered by the Unreal 3 technology. They have also announced that the DLC for ORION: Prelude will be plentiful – and FREE!

In this video below, Spiral Games Studio CEO David Prassel tells us about the history of his game and the passion behind creating a brand new universe.. So far, Spiral Games Studio have raised $17,686 funding through Kickstarter.

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