tinyBuildGAMES are a team of 2 – Tom Brien and Alex Nichiporchik – who are making an indie game called NO TIME TO EXPLAIN for the PC & Mac.

In March they released an Announcement Trailer that somehow got onto major gaming sites like Kotaku, Destructoid, Wired, RockPaperShotgun, IndieGames and many, many more.

No Time To Explain is a platformer game about Time Travel, Big Jetpack Guns, Giant Enemy Crabs and Ribs in People’s Eyes. Think Back to the Future meets The Butterfly Effect. Add a lot of blood and people getting dragged away by monsters, and you’ve got this game. You are taken on a wild adventure of time paradoxes, things that make no sense and more things that make less sense. Eventually it will wrap up in a way that does make a little sense though.

No Time To Explain received $26,068 funding on Kickstarter! Great job guys!