A while ago, I was browsing for some new mobile game action and stumbled across the mindbendling good “Game Dev Story”. In this nifty wee game, you take charge of a software company and eventually move into producing consoles. I’m a total sucker for these kinda sim games and was very quickly hooked. Unlike most other “story” type games it wasn’t driven by shady in game purchases or any of that nonsense and was ridiculously addictive.

I then started to wonder about the company behind the game and if they had anything else that was similarly addictive in their portfolio and this hunt lead me to discover the mighty Kairosoft.

Over the years they’ve produced a huge amount of these type of games and are slowly translating them some into english. I recommend snapping all of them whatever platform you’re on (the available games vary on iOS and Android).

The latest available on my chosen platform (Android) is Mega Mall Story and I think it’s probably their best to date. I never thought I’d become addicted to a game that has me trying to save up money so I can build a spa next to a clothing store.

If, like me, you’re hooked on these games, make sure to join up over at Kairospot and share the love.