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Hello and welcome to the work in progress blog post for The Pixel Issue’s multiplayer point and click adventure game in Unity 3D! Throughout this article, which I will be updating as development unfolds, I will detail the steps involved in bringing my concept from paper to publishing – everything from a logo animation, to character designs, 3D modelling, social network integration and monetization! At the moment the game is still in very early prototype stage.

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Project Summary

So, let’s go through the game concept and the style that we are going for! Hide and Shriek Mansion will have 3 modes of play – real time, turn based with action points and turn based with timer. The gameplay will be a mixture of point and click adventure games, spy vs spy (or thief vs guard in this case) and hide and seek for two or more players.

Early prototype video!

Here is an AI prototype, designed by Raymond Wilson of Byte Foundry:

The game is inspired by Day of the Tentacle and other adventure games such as Monkey Island, Spy vs Spy, Disney’s Guilty Party, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and Zack & Wiki. The goal is to bring a new kind of game, taking inspiration from the visual style and gameplay of these classic games!

Monkey Island in CryEngine

We have a small team of experienced game designers, artists and composers to create a game that we hope will reach the top featured games lists across all digital platforms!

Design Goals
• To be developed in Unity 3D
• Fun and funny, suitable for all ages
• Cartoon violence and booby traps
• Exciting player vs player gameplay
• 3D characters with Toon/Cell Shading
• ‘Pixeley goodness’ retro mode!
• Adlib Midi music reminicent of the days of DOS! (retro mode)
• Plan for sequels

The Setting

The first game will be set in a mansion, additional levels and maps will be in different themed environments, such as a pirate ship, Halloween haunted house, ancient tomb or a Christmas themed Santa’s grotto! Once the gameplay has been nailed down, our creative team can come up with many new levels to play in, with different numbers of rooms, traps and inventory items!

We don’t want to reveal too much of the gameplay yet, but it will be a multiplayer point and click adventure game for up to 4 players, with both turn based and realtime game play.






garage april




Playable Characters

Players will be able to choose from a variety of customiseable options, from hair colour, style, glasses, facial hair and clothing, to create their own avatar that they can play in-game against their friends!

We were originally going for trendy but geeky characters – allowing the player to be able to customize the character appearance, similar to the characters from Scooby Doo or the Day of the Tentacle. For concept art stages, Fernando Picun did various male/female characters – one skateboarder guy, one nerd guy, one rock chick, one nerd girl, and some variations.

Here are some early sketches and 3D models of the characters and environments.

After some thought, I decided to go for 2 class of players – infiltrators (spies, thieves) and protectors (guards, janitors).


Company logo

Here is the animated logo for the studio. This was done in Maya and took a few days, thanks to Daniel Delgado Vargas in Mexico!

Target audience

We aim to target casual gamers, players that enjoy playing online multiplayer games, and look for games where they can challenge their friends. Target demographic is males and females, aged 10+.

here was the first ever video that we captured of the game back in 2013!

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