Multi-Touchscreens are simply touchscreens that you can touch with more than one finger. Since it’s more natural for human beings to use their hands than a mouse, the ability to work in our natural state means more efficiency, better control over software interfaces and the elimination of having to map software controls to hardware controllers. With multi-touchscreens, what you see is what you get to control.

MotionCOMMAND™ multi-touchscreen products are the future that is here today. Music Computing is the first company to bring this revolutionary technology to the world as complete fit for purpose products that are finally affordable.

MotionCOMMAND LCD is available for PC and Mac in a 32″ and 42″ diagonal screen size, but custom version can be created up to 200″, with either two or six simultaneous touches. To use, simply plug in the USB video and power cables, install the driver software, and you’re set to go!

The alternative to the touchscreen is the MotionCOMMAND ClearView, which generates the image using a video projector placed in front of the rig instead of a LCD. The frosted glass surface partially reflects the image, allowing the audience to see what is being displayed as well as the ability to see your hands as they manipulate the software controls on the touchscreen surface.

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