I can’t remember when they first started introducing actual video footage into games but I can remember the first game that used it that totally blew my mind.

We’re taking a wander back to 1990 here and a young teen me firing up his Atari ST to play Mean Streets and literally gasping everytime a bit of real video played when you were talking to someone.

The premise of the game is basically a murder mystery, spread across San Francisco at some point in the future. The player takes control of Tex Murphy, a down on his luck (as they always seem to be) private investigator. You interrogate people, investigate crime scenes and various other locations. While exploring buildings etc it basically turns into a point ‘n’ click game and a rather good one at that.

I recently grabbed this again on the cheap from gog.com and had a wee wander down nostalgia lane to find it still packs the same addictive punch it always did.

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