It’s worth noting I’m a bit of a Max Payne fanboy. I was addicted to the first two volumes on PC and the third edition has kept me glued to my PS3 whenever I’ve been able to squeeze the time in.

I was also unhealthily hooked on the Gameboy Advance version, so while I’d personally love a Vita version, this mobile version is a dream come true for me.

While it’s obviously a tad better looking than the GBA version, it obviously can’t compete with the more powerful machines on the graphics front. The gameplay however has been perfectly tweaked for mobile gaming and while iOS users have had this for a while, it’s only just landed on Android and already I’m hooked and finding excuses to go for a wander at work so I can have a blast.

The only slight disappointment is that it isn’t a new chapter in the Max Payne world, but over time with the development of mobile gaming, hopefully companies such as Rockstar will be able to invest more time and money in the mobile versions of games to enable exclusive storylines for those platforms.

Snag this over at Google Play and once again enter the world of Max.

Oh and I’m not so big a fan that I could actually stand to make it all the way through the film.