Hudson Entertainment debuted a teaser for its Wii title Lost in Shadow (otherwise known as Tower of Shadow and A Shadow’s Tale), starring a shadow and his Sylph companion. The latter will manipulate the light source and the former will utilize the dynamics of luminescence to climb a mystical tower.

The new video shows off a few seconds of gameplay footage.

Lost In Shadow mixes unique platform elements and levels of puzzling, to challenge the player. The combination of light and shadow creates a unique blend of game styles, with the shadow boy altering shapes of surrounding objects’ shadows, creating walkways to previously inaccessible areas, and adventuring into a world never before seen on Wii. I would personally nominate the soundtrack for this game as a candidate for video game soundtrack 2011. Truly beautiful music.

  • Adventure through a land that is in the shadow of the tower.  A land that is both familiar and foreign at the same time.
  • Manipulate light and shadows to traverse this alternate land where even gravity is influenced.
  • Battle shadow creatures with traditional weapons
  • You are not alone in your quest: Journey with a spangle that assists you in your travel.  Together unlock the mysteries in and around the Tower
  • Meet other shadow beings along your journey.