Leeni is a Seattle-based chiptune musician who uses synths, drum machines and vocals over her Gameboy creations. She has been performing chiptune music since 2006 across the US, including the International Blipfest in NYC, the Iam8bit art opening in LA and the VGXPO in Portland, Oregon. To date she has produced 3 albums: “8-bit Heart” (2007), “Labyrinth”(2008) and “The Only Now”(2011).

The video above is an animation by James Franzen for the track ‘Nothing in Between’ which involves Leeni getting summoned into the 8-Bit Heart game world. She finally gets to leave reality behind and jump into an almost dream-like world. But who, or what, has summoned her there?

In an e-mail interview, Leeni said she decided to try her hand at Game Boy music because it took her back to her childhood.

“I was attracted by the sound. The purity of it. The nostalgia,”
she said. “I used to sit at home and play my Nintendo as a kid, so those square synth sounds are somewhat soothing to me.”

“I’ve long been a fan of electronic music but never knew quite how to make it. It wasn’t until I had some downtime at a day job that I seriously began investigating what it was about electronic music that I liked so much. I found a trend in the music that I like, and it all tended towards the raw 8-bit sounds.”

Check out some tracks below and be sure to pick up the albums from the links below!

He’s Just Not That Into You by leeni_music

Awake by leeni_music

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