2097 is a VR experience loosely based on the tech-noir classic film Blade Runner (1982), and although offering only a single re-imagined scene from the film—Rick Deckard’s high-rise apartment balcony—the demo holds a surprisingly tight grip on the imagination. We spoke with project creator E’van Johnston to learn more about his atmospheric sci-fi balcony and where it’s headed next.

E’van Johnston (aka ‘Deepfield‘) is a New Zealand-based developer at mobile games studio PikPok. L.A. 2097 is a personal hobby project that Johnston says has seen sporadic development since he started it in 2015.

Download it here:!RYZ0GD5b!fjRE3xERwHRcan1ihTZy5jJoKUBua-rjtk62dGKE7Aw