Finally, a fully-functional UI that detects the position of both your palms and your fingers as separate entities, and interprets them on screen. Creative programmers from MIT used the recently released libfreenect driver and the open source robotics package ‘ROS’ for interfacing with the Kinect in linux to create a 3d graphical user interface that looks almost the same as the one used in the movie.

You can read more about ROS Kinect open source project at

Since the initial Kinect hack and the creation of compatible PC drivers (on Linux) the internet flooded with many interesting experiments, some of which may very well lead to comprehensible software releases revolutionizing the way you interact with your computer.

CEO of Evoluce, Wolfgang Herfurtner, demonstrates “multitouch” and gesture computing solutions implemented in Windows 7. The software is based on the latest Evoluce Multitouch Input Management driver that offers many APIs like TUIO, Flash and Java. As Windows 7 was built to support multitouch, the Kinect can seamlessly be integrated to support a lot of applications. Programs that already support multitouch are Google Earth, Internet Explorer 9, Windows Media Centre, and plenty others that natively support touch input.

If you are interested in testing some of these things on your computer or want to develop your own software, you can download the open source Kinect drivers for Windows, Linux, or OSX absolutely free!

OpenKinect drivers (Win7, Linux, OS X) –
Reverse engineer Kinect USB –