The first trailer of Hover: Revolt of Gamer (alpha version). Presented by Midgar Studio, created and developed by Fusty Games, Hover’ is a futuristic 3D free runner, which is like Mirror’s Edge meets Jet Set Radio.

The game features free running in a large futuristic open world city, wearing a special high-tech suit offering you the ability to move around unlike anyone. You will have to impress all the Gamers of the City doing crazy tricks and parkour stunts in order to recruit an impressive team and undertake more serious missions in order to overthrow the tyranny.

You will have to locate and infiltrate the anti-video games propaganda control centers, free the citizens confined by the authorities, obtain the consoles confiscated from the population, and finally dethrone the Mayor. Many security drones will be patrolling city that the player will need to shake off.

The game will be compatible with Oculus Rift.

Check it out and give it a thumbs up on Steam Greenlight: