Zebra Imaging exists to create innovative holographic products and technologies for enhanced communication, captivating entertainment and compelling analysis and decision making. They aim to deliver the most advanced 3D visualization and collaboration solutions in the world.

Here you can see a color hologram created with data from Google Sketchup. The model is of downtown Seattle.

Here is a hologram created from data that Net Engineering in Italy created using CADMATIC software.

How it works

Zebra Imaging has patented advances in lasers, optics and image processing that enable it to create vivid, lifelike holographic imagery from 3D digital data. Our process is designed to accept a wide array of source data digital file formats — including CAD models, laser scans and satellite imagery. We render the data into tens of thousands of component “Hogel” images that are recorded using laser light into a single portable, film-based hologram that can be viewed with a simple halogen or LED light source. When the hologram is illuminated, the light is reflected and controlled by hogels and combines and emerges from the hologram surface in the same way it would if a solid physical model were actually there.