httpv:// is a free-to-play, Syndicate-esque online rpg that plunges you into the factional strife of Dawnbreak City.

Featuring an advanced tactical system and deep character customization, emphasizes cooperative play with full Facebook integration. With 3D avatars and striking visuals, takes browser games into the next generation of game design.

“We started this company with the belief that the web browser will be the place where core games and social networks can merge. We envisioned as a top-quality title that would link the power of browser-based games (easy accessibility combined with superior reach) to social networks, improving players’ perceptions of the depth they can experience in a social online game. Based on early feedback, we’re very confident that we’ve managed to blend the sophistication of core games with social gaming, and that’s exactly what Supercell is looking to push and promote now and in the future.”

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