Jeff Murray of has just completed a book entitled Game Development for iOS with Unity3D for CRC Press, due for worldwide launch in August.

It covers everything from game design to Apple certificates to building a full kart racing game (including source code!). The book is aimed more toward indie developers and contains everything to make games, but will also serve as a fantastic reference for more experienced users wanting to move into iOS development.

“Think of this as Robert Rodriguez’s Rebel Without a Crew, only for game development. It’s everything you need for guerilla game making!”

Pre-order on Amazon or directly from CRC Press.


  • Presents practical, proven techniques for developing games for mobile platforms
    Includes information on how to get your app into the Apple app store
    Provides two sample iOs games to explore and adapt
    Uses the Unity game engine
  • Summary

    This hands-on guide delivers production-proven techniques and valuable tips and tricks needed to plan, build, test, and launch full 3D games for the iPhone, iPod, or iPad all the way to the Apple app store. It walks you through all the necessary procedures and features two iOS-ready games to explore, adapt, and play. The text presents all of the information necessary for beginning and intermediate users to build and publish iOS games using Unity Beginner. Topics covered include game design, 3D graphics, debugging, script optimization, and optimizing assets for file size and performance.