father.IO is an augmented reality First Person Shooter in the real world.

Father.IO is an action game with a strong strategic component, in typical Risk and Travian style, that can be played in the real world: gamers will enter a real-life gaming experience, complete location-based missions, conquer territories, and collect virtual resources – all in real world settings – in order to survive a digital apocalypse. Gamers worldwide will be able to play Father.IO their own yards, neighbourhoods, and cities thanks to a mobile app available for Android and iOS, or from home through web-based activities and tasks.

“We will turn every corner of the city into the setting of a videogame thanks to the 363R Trigger, the portable device that allows gamers to turn their smartphone into a real lasertag, able to intercept and hit opponents up to 164 feet away, in all directions, with an accurate hit box,” says Francesco Ferrazzino, CEO and founder of the project. “Father.IO will be free to download and allow gamers to access to the strategic gameplay; however, the 363R Trigger is required to enter the first person shooter mode and defend territories. The crowdfunding campaign will allow us to manufacture the first 5,000 pieces and complete the development of the game.”

Proxy42, the makers of Father.io and 363R Trigger, is a startup focused on video games, augmented reality and wearable. The mission is to create an open platform for developers to create the next generation of gaming experience, interacting with the people, places, and objects around us. “Games as real as life”