Red 5 Studios have finally announced their first game, Firefall.  The game is a free to play online team based shooter.  FireFall is a 3D Sci-Fi MMO Shooter with team based gameplay. Set in a persistent world, Firefall takes place 200 years in Earth’s future. Players must stop the Melding and fight for humanity’s survival against the alien armies of The Chosen. With stunning visuals and a great development team behind it, Firefall promises to transform the MMOFPS genre. Here’s the full description from the release:

“Firefall paints a beautifully devastating vision of Earth, 200 years in the future. The promise of a new clean energy source, Crystite, leads to the disastrous arrival of the Melding, a hostile energy storm that engulfs most of our home planet. Earth’s surviving humans must band together in the eye of the Melding storm to save our species. Unfortunately, a new danger emerges as a bloodthirsty race known as The Chosen threatens humanity’s survival.”

Red 5 has some of the team lead from World of Warcraft and the lead designer of Tribes on staff.

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