Final Fantasy XV takes place within a dark world that is unique as it brings a more realistic feel to it. There is more focus on behavior and emotional enhancement of the characters to make them more believable. Final Fantasy XV is centered around a warring nation that is trying to conquer the last crystal held by an esteemed technologically advanced city-state. The main hero is the prince named Noctis Lucis Caelum of the mafia like royal family that runs the city-state. Later in the game, Noctis meets Stella Nox Fleuret who shares his ability of seeing a mysterious “light” connected to a goddess of the dead. Noctis has a special power that enables him to change the color of his eyes from blue to red which directly controls several swords that he wields. There are four other characters that will be a part of his team, with them you will have to ward off the warring nation and discover the mystery of the light.

Final Fantasy is a franchise best known for their innovation within the role playing genre. It has been the icon of role playing games that those specific to that genre thoroughly enjoy. With Final Fantasy VII being one of its hottest hits, following that with VIII, X, XII, and XIII it is apparent that they have built their whole franchise around RPGs. That being said, we have now come to a crossroads where FFXV is looking to be more like an action game similar to Devil May Cry. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of Devil May Cry but that is not what I play Final Fantasy for. Final Fantasy has always been that game that hooked me in its story line, game play, and CGI cut scenes. I am not going to judge the game yet as it is still in development, but I do hope this experiment for them goes well so that I can thoroughly enjoy my dose of Final Fantasy.