Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?

Far Cry 3 is the upcoming sequel to the 2008 video game Far Cry 2, which is currently in the pre-alpha stages of development. Far Cry 3 takes place in a jungle island setting in South America, with still images confirming location in “Cabo Blanko” via store signs. However, Patrick Redding, a Ubisoft story designer, mentioned that an Antarctic setting is a possibility for future games.

Ubisoft producer Dan Hay reads “your girlfriend is missing, your boat has been destroyed, you’re trapped on a mysterious island hiding a dark secret – and everyone on it is insane.” This idea might seem a bit lame at first, but the concept is supported by fantastic voice acting, character design and story, that creates an incredibly dramatic experience for the player.

Far Cry 3′s virtual actors are captured from real performances, using technology that records body and face movements simultaneously. Jason Vandenberghe said that keeping the body and facial performances together made it much easier to shoot Far Cry 3′s scenes. “We were able to play it as a movie,” he says.

However, getting Vaas’s performance onto a hard drive involved more than simply pointing a camera at the actor. “I think we have to be sophisticated and use these tools correctly,” says Vandenberghe. “Directing actors is also a technical discipline, and a creative discipline.
“There are techniques in acting and performance that evoke great performances, and there are techniques in acting and performance that evoke good performances. The industry has gotten really good at getting good performances, almost no-one can get great ones.”

Equally, the gameplay looks particularly awesome, giving the player the option to go in guns blazing, or kill with stealth – dropping from ledges and attacking from above.

The first official trailer was released at the 2011 E3 conference on June 6th, 2011. It’s due for release on PS3, Xbox and PC in 2012.