El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron is one of the more unique looking titles releasing this year – its unique plot dealing with one man fighting against angels to prevent God from destroying the Earth.

The player’s character, Enoch, starts the game unarmed and is able to steal weapons from his enemies. The game has three primary weapons – the Arch, a curved blade which also allows the user to float for short periods, the Gale, a ring like weapon that provides a quick dash ability, and the power to fire small darts in rapid succession, and the Veil, a shield that also acts as a pair of gauntlets, providing the strongest defense and a strong punch.

The Gale is the fastest weapon of the three, the Veil being the slowest. All of the holy weapons become corrupt as they are used and routinely they have to be purified. A corrupt weapon is weaker than a purified weapon. The player performs combos with the rhythmic use of one button.

The game’s aesthetic is anime-styled, loosely drawing on sources such as Studio Ghibli. Already released in Japan in April, North America and Europe will see the game on August 16, 2011 and September 9 respectively, with plans for a Wii U and PlayStation Vita release in the future.