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Hide & Shriek Mansion

We’ve been extremely busy on Hide & Shriek Mansion, implementing the latest features including exploding cats, burning beds, drainpipe climbing, ledge walking, dynamite and fireworks and more!

Our game aims to be the ultimate spy vs spy experience – you could say it’s more like Ninja vs Ninja! You can climb drainpipes, ivy, ladders, walk along ledges, sneak into the mansion through windows, chimneys or trapdoors, and explore the environment to set traps, complete objectives and eliminate other players!

The game is planned for PC initially, and if it’s a hit, Playstation, Xbox, Wii and touchscreen devices. Expected release date: October 2017!

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click here to see the full development playlist!

exploding books
Exploding bowling pins and flammable books!

ragdoll physics
Ragdoll physics!

exploding table
smashable plates and crockery!

The front garden, with multiple ways to get into the mansion.

Drainpipe climbing and ledge walking – one of the thief or spy’s way of breaking into the mansion.

dart throwing and balloon bursting!

Cable and rope mechanics – ropes can be used to climb areas, cables can be used to electrify metal and water areas.

Using matches or a blowtorch on a dynamite stick will create a timed explosive!

Various pieces of furniture can be set alight for fun, or to reveal other items that can be picked up to create traps.

You can use the dynamite on animals to create an explosive that will chase another player!

Arc throwing system that can be used to throw a grappling hook, explosives, balls, plates and other items!

Remote control toy car racing! Strap on some dynamite!


Our full development playlist can be watched and subscribed to here on youtube here!


Hide & Shriek Mansion is a work in progress multiplayer game in Unity 3D, which will combine the classic point and click adventure game style with spy vs spy and hide n’ seek. Spies and thieves vs guards and janitors, trap setting gameplay, fully navigable environments including climbing drainpipes, through windows, airvents and chimneys! We’re aiming for a low poly 2.5D style of graphics, 1 squirt squid ink, a pinch of stealth gameplay and lots of cartoon violence!


2 teams of up to 8 players at a time, potentially more
Level progression based single player campaign, with story
Freedom to interact, collect and combine a wide variety of items
hundreds of traps, explosives, recipes and schematics
Hide and seek meets spy vs spy gameplay
Elaborate traps and countertraps
Fully navigable environments; climbing drainpipes, through windows, chimneys, tunnels, etc
Customizable characters and wearable items
play as a spy, thief, guard, janitor, cat, mouse, dog and more!
In game achievements, unlockables and rewards
Additional maps planned; pirate ship, Santa’s grotto, museum, secret laboratory & more
Multi-platform support
Controller support
retro mode with 256 VGA graphics and ad lib soundblaster audio!
More to follow..

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