Die Hard Trilogy was probably one of the first games that I played on the PS1. It is an absolute classic and one of the only good movie games. Soundtrack = Amazing!

Die Hard Trilogy contains 3 games which correspond to the 3 different movies, featuring a different genre and game play style respectively. The game was well received and would eventually become a Sony Greatest Hits game.

The first game is a third-person shooter, where the player battles terrorists and rescues hostages in the Nakatomi Plaza, which is the setting of the film. Die Hard 2: Die Harder is presented as an on rails-shooter, where the player must stop terrorists who have taken over Dulles Airport. Players control the crosshair with a gamepad, light gun, or, on PC, a mouse.

In Die Hard with a Vengeance, the player goes on a joyride driving a taxicab, sports car, and dump truck throughout all of New York City and is tasked with finding and defusing several explosives before they can go off.

The video shows off the first levels of each game shown in order. Yippe kay ay!