Cobalt is a platform game developed by Oxeye games and published by Minecraft developers Mojang AB.

The basic idea behind Cobalt is to offer 2D platforming with 360 degrees of freedom, but no mouse. Studio head Daniel Brynolf said “You’re running towards a small cliff with two enemies patrolling below. As you jump out into the air, you enter a roll, and as your roll aims you downwards, you time your shot to hit the first enemy with your matter gun. As the bullet hits the first enemy, the other crouches down and aims its missile launcher at you and fires off. As danger is detected, the game enters bullet time, with you rolling through the air with a missile closing the distance between you and it. As you are waiting for the roll to align you towards the missile, you switch to your fist and charge it. With the perfect timing, you release your fist and punch the missile so that it goes flying back towards the enemy that fired it, blowing it up as you land safely on the ground.”