Experience the power of tiger blood in this hilarious new game. Take on the role of the Bi-Winner with Adonis DNA as he goes on his last and most awesome bender, while unleashing his torpedo of truth upon the world! Press ARROW KEYS to move, and SPACE to use an item. Remember: Cars, road blocks, cop cars, and motorcycles do damage. Sizzle! Win!

10 New Edges with Sheen

Shane Henley from Pinnacle Entertainment Group wrote this awesome blog – Take your games where they’ve never been before with these ten new Edges:

Tiger Blood
Your character either naturally has tiger blood in his veins or is able to absorb it through consumption (drinking it). You gain a +2 bonus to Vigor rolls to resist poisons and drugs.

Adonis DNA
Novice, Tiger Blood
Your genetic structure has strands from the gods and attracts the rare people attuned to sense it. You gain a +4 bonus to Charisma when dealing with characters that have the Hindrance Quirk (“Adult” actor).

Fire-breathing Fists
Seasoned, Tiger Blood, Fighting d6
You can shoot fire from your fists. To use this ability, use Fighting for an attack roll and place a Cone Template in front of your character. Every character touching the template must make an Agility roll opposing the Fighting result or takes 2d10 damage (and potentially catch on fire). After using this ability, roll Vigor and suffer a level of Fatigue on a failure. You may shoot fire from both hands using the standard multiple action and offhand penalties, but you must roll separately to avoid the Fatigue effect.

10,000 Year Old Brain
Novice, Smarts d10+
Your character is capable of acts of will by using pure intellect to overcome them. When spending a benny to reroll a Spirit roll, you may choose to use your Smarts die type instead.

High Priest
Seasoned, Spirit d8+
Your character has been inducted as a high priest and gains +2 Charisma with members of his religion.

Vatican Assassin
Veteran, High Priest
Your character has been promoted to official Vatican Assassin. You gain the right to kill anyone on the Vatican hit list, and a +2 bonus to Intimidation against those on the list or who are in danger of being put on it.

Heroic, Vatican Assassin, Smarts d8+
You have been taught the secret magic of the hidden hierarchy of the Vatican Assassins. You gain one power you can activate with a Smarts roll, and you have Power Points equal to twice your Spirit die type. Regardless of any listed range, the power has a range of Touch and requires using one hand to activate as the magic is at the fingertips.

Feast on Troll Bones
Novice, Tiger Blood, Vigor d8+
You have learned to absorb the strength of trolls by consuming their bones. Any time you eat troll bones equal to twice your Vigor die type in pounds, you may make a Natural Healing roll.

Rock Star from Mars
Novice, Filthy Rich
Your character has a nearly indefatigable sense of self. Opponents no longer gain a +2 bonus to affect you for a successful Test of Will, though you can still be Shaken on a raise.

Duh, Winning!
Legendary, Tiger Blood, Adonis DNA, Fire-breathing Fists, 10,000 Year Old Brain, High Priest, Vatican Assassin, Warlock, Feast on Troll Bones, Rock Star from Mars
You may spend a benny immediately after any roll by the GM to make it a critical failure, or you may spend a benny before any roll you would make to automatically succeed as if you rolled a raise. However, following either of these uses, the next roll you make is unavoidably considered to be a critical failure. To use this ability, you must say “Duh, Winning!” when turning in your benny.