Aerofex is a company that has been working on a prototype of a pilotable hover vehicle that lifts its rider up to 15 feet in the air, and can move at speeds of about 30 miles per hour. This video gives a demonstration of its stability and thrust control while the company’s other videos show off prototype testing in the Mojave desert.

In January 2012, Aerofex presented its recent work at the American Helicopter Society Future Vertical Lift Conference in San Francisco. The technology discussed utilizes ejector dynamics to augment the thrust and control of ducted-fan aircraft. The goal of the effort is to simplify vertical flight, in this case by eliminating the complexity of cyclically-variable rotors.

The technical paper is published and distributed through the AHS. The presentation video, shown here without the benefit of narration, documents the technology’s effectiveness through a sequence of flight maneuvers demonstrated on a manned aerial-vehicle.

More info on the broader effort can be found at