Beeple: Zero-Day

23 September, 2015 エスピオン

The next world war will not be invisible. After the success of STUXNET, a virus written by the United States to destroy Iranian uranium enrichment facilities, the U.S. government could no longer deny it was developing cyber weapons meant to do physical damage. With US companies and agencies under constant attack from state-sponsored Chinese hackers, […]

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Clover ground: Sinister voices of Easton

19 September, 2015 エスピオン

Clover ground: Sinister voices of Easton with visuals by numbercult, creator of the Soundloom generative audio.

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BEAT BLOX by Per Holmquist

05 September, 2014 エスピオン

Beat Blox is a project by Per Holmquist from Sweden. The project allows anyone to create and experiment with music using three turntables and digital sensors. As the user adds a block to the deck, the sensor plays a sound.

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8-bit Matrix

08 August, 2014 エスピオン

Check out the Matrix with 8-bit sound effects!

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20syl – Kodama (official music video)

23 June, 2014 エスピオン

French producer 20syl introduces a neat new video for his “Kodama” single. Co-directed by Mathieu Le Dude and 20syl himself.

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Elektron Analog Rytm – 8 voice analog drum machine with sample support

23 January, 2014 エスピオン

Elektron have released the specifications and demo videos for their latest electronic music production hardware; the Analog Rytm – an 8 voice analog drum machine with sample support. The Analog Rytm is a one stop solution beat machine. Distinguished by the power of analog drum sounds fused with samples. Perfected by the immediacy of drum […]

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Amon Tobin – ISAM – Entire Live Performance in HD

20 December, 2013 エスピオン

ISAM (Invented Sounds Applied to Music) is the seventh full-length studio album by Brazilian electronic musician Amon Tobin. Re-drawing and blurring the lines between psychedelia and sci-fi, between art and entertainment, between sound design and melody, Amon Tobin has created the finest, most intense work of his very considerable career, an extension and refinement of […]

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KORG volca series – 3 analogue synthesizers for the ultimate leads, basses, and rhythms

25 November, 2013 エスピオン

Korg announces the volca series of analog synthesizers. The volca series is a new lineup consisting of three units: the volca Keys lead Synthesizer, the volca Bass synthesizer, and the volca Beats rhythm machine. These units let you create a diverse array of fat sounds that can only be obtained from an analog synthesizer; and […]

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littleBits Synth Kit in collaboration with KORG

21 November, 2013 エスピオン

The littleBits synth kit is an incredibly powerful, easy to use modular synthesizer. The Synth Kit, developed in partnership with Korg, a pioneer of electronic musical equipment, enables amateur and professional musicians to easily explore the iconic synthesizer instrument, allowing you to make exciting new sounds and build their own infinitely customizable and expandable analog […]

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Yocto – The DIY TR 808 clone

21 November, 2013 エスピオン

Yocto is a clone of the famous Roland TR-808. The kit includes two PCBs (main circuit with analog drums and the sequencer and IO_board with 11 separate outputs, 2 trigger, Midi IN OUT THRU input / output Din SYNC24 and power) with all components to assemble the kit, with the exception of the power transformer […]

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The Chipophone 8-bit Synthesizer

02 June, 2013 エスピオン

The Chipophone is a homemade 8-bit synthesizer built inside an old electric organ!

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Biting Elbows – Bad Motherfucker (insane office escape)

19 March, 2013 エスピオン

The music video for “Bad Motherfucker” from Russian indie-punk band Biting Elbows – a fast paced first person perspective action film!

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j.viewz playing Massive Attack – Teardrop with vegetables

18 February, 2013 エスピオン

electronic music artist j.viewz playing the classic track Teardrop by Massive attack, using vegetables as midi controllers.

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The worlds quietest room

19 December, 2012 エスピオン

An anechoic chamber in Minneapolis’s Orfield Laboratory holds the Guinness world record for the world’s quietest place at -9.4 decibels. As humans can only detect sounds above 0 decibels, the chamber is virtually soundless.

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Speech Graphics – Automatic Lip Sync from Voice Recordings

3D facial animation takes a leap forward, with automatic lip sync technology from Speech Graphics.

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Voice Acting in RuneScape

25 May, 2012 エスピオン

Behind the scenes with voice actors lending their dulcet tones to RuneScape at OMUK’s studio in London.

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Squarepusher – Dark Steering, from Ufabulum

15 May, 2012 エスピオン

Squarepusher – Ufabulum is out now Worldwide. For a limited time it is available on Special Edition CD or Phosporescent Deluxe Vinyl, both with additional 3-track CD ‘Enstrobia EP’.

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audi e-sound for e-tron electric vehicles

18 April, 2012 エスピオン

For future use in its electric ‘e-tron’ models, audi has developed ‘e-sound’, a realtime technique of generating synthetic motor sounds.

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Girls going wild in red light district

04 April, 2012 エスピオン

An amazing short video clip of girls dancing in the red light district, Amsterdam, with a suprising message at the end.

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Dubstep Class

27 March, 2012 エスピオン

A short animation about how to make dubstep.

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TB-303 Documentary – Bassline Baseline

01 March, 2012 エスピオン

Bassline Baseline investigates the invention, failure and subsequent resurrection of the Roland TB-303, in the last two decades of the 20th century.

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FRACT OSC – A game inside a giant synthesiser

26 February, 2012 エスピオン

FRACT is a music/puzzle game that combines elements of Tron and Rez that places players inside a giant synthesiser.

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Gravity: Un rêve de demain

12 February, 2012 エスピオン

A young woman wakes up to find that she has become weightless, and floats through life until gravity inevitably catches up with her.

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Godspeed You! Gordon Freeman

27 January, 2012 エスピオン

Youtube user SkipPrime has taken the narration and music from sections of “The Dead Flag Blues” by Godspeed You! Black Emperor and edited clips from Half Life 2 to create a unique video that fans can enjoy.

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Strangeloop: 2010 [or] How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Technological Singularity

19 January, 2012 エスピオン

the exclusive visual edit made to accompany Dr Strangeloop’s mix for Mary Anne Hobbs’ BBC Radio1 show.

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