Music production and sound design

browse through our collection of articles related to digital audio, music hardware, sampling and analog synthesis. [arrow_link link=”http://www.pixel-issue.net/tag/audio/”] READ MORE [/arrow_link] [/one_on_three] [one_on_three]

Behind the scenes and developer diaries

Learn the tricks of the movie trade and videogame development in our behind the scenes category, featuring animatronics, CGI, motion capture and full motion video. [arrow_link link=”http://www.pixel-issue.net/tag/behind-the-scenes/”] READ MORE [/arrow_link] [/one_on_three] [one_on_three]

Timelapse photography collection

Check out our collection of timelapse videos from talented photographers around the world – everything from epic cityscapes, the night sky and virtual worlds. [arrow_link link=”http://www.pixel-issue.net/tag/timelapse/”] READ MORE [/arrow_link] [/one_on_three]
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