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Tha Trickaz – Pushing More Buttons (Live Routine)

25 May, 2015 エスピオン

1 studio, 2 cameras, 20 fingers, 32 pads, 62 samples, find them all ! Get back to your classics ! FULL PLAYLIST (in order of appearance) #01 ✪ 0:25 ✪ THX Sound #02 ✪ 0:31 ✪ Alan Silvestri – Back to the future OST #03 ✪ 0:35 ✪ Kenji Kawai – Ghost in the shell […]

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Simon Stokes: Thanks (A Million) [Rhodes & TR-909]

28 November, 2013 エスピオン

To celebrate 1,000,000 views on his youtube channel, Simon Stokes recorded this track live on his Fender Rhodes and TR-909 through Ableton. More info at:

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TouchAble version 1.3 – Control Ableton Live 8 with iPad

07 November, 2011 エスピオン

The new update, touchAble 1.3 contains more than 30 new features, such as a loop and beatjump section, CDJ style mixes to creative loop manipulation.

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Moovmi video-to-MIDI plugin for Ableton

16 May, 2011 エスピオン

Moovmi is a Max For Live Video-to-MIDI device that produces midinote sequences from video data analysis.

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TouchAble iPad App controlling Ableton Live

TouchAble is an unique iPad app is the first application to give Ableton Live users full control over their digital audio workstation

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Dubstep Bassline using Kinect

15 April, 2011 エスピオン

Dubstep bassline controlled using Kinect.

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