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TAS – The Canyon – 360 Psychedelic VR experience in 4K

22 October, 2016 エスピオン

A 360 degree video – click and move your mouse around to rotate the camera! Follow TAS: AUDIO: Olie Bassweight – Odyssea (Grouch Remix) Grouch FB: Grouch Bandcamp:

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The Collidoscope: real time sampling and granular synthesis

23 November, 2015 エスピオン

The Collidoscope is a prototype synthesiser designed by researchers Ben Bengler & Fiore Martin. Based on a granular synthesiser engine the instrument can be played by two performers at the same time (as they stand opposite one another on the sides of the unit) using the 2 built-in sets of keyboard, gooseneck microphone, colour display […]

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Psychedelic Animation Music Video: The Music Scene

09 October, 2015 Steve Walker

An animated mind melt into a post human New York where TV and animals rule. Animated by A. F. Schepperd

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Pixel Art by Gustavo Viselner

28 September, 2015 エスピオン

Gustavo Viselner is a pixel artist originally from Buenos Aires, and is currently the Art Director at Sunset Games in Tel Aviv. Check out some of his awesome work below and over at and Here’s a pixel art music video for Lucille Crew’s track, What The Hell, directed & Written by Isgav Dotan […]

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Beeple: Zero-Day

23 September, 2015 エスピオン

The next world war will not be invisible. After the success of STUXNET, a virus written by the United States to destroy Iranian uranium enrichment facilities, the U.S. government could no longer deny it was developing cyber weapons meant to do physical damage. With US companies and agencies under constant attack from state-sponsored Chinese hackers, […]

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Clover ground: Sinister voices of Easton

19 September, 2015 エスピオン

Clover ground: Sinister voices of Easton with visuals by numbercult, creator of the Soundloom generative audio.

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Reaktor Blocks Love Eurorack

19 September, 2015 エスピオン

A bunch of Bento Box 8 Steps sequencers disturbing each other and controlling a Eurorack modular synthesizer. All sequencing and modulation coming from Reaktor Blocks, except for some humble human interaction. Maschine joins the party with bass drum, hi-hats, and rim shot. All control signals from Reaktor Blocks are directly routed to the Eurorack modular […]

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Tha Trickaz – Pushing More Buttons (Live Routine)

25 May, 2015 エスピオン

1 studio, 2 cameras, 20 fingers, 32 pads, 62 samples, find them all ! Get back to your classics ! FULL PLAYLIST (in order of appearance) #01 ✪ 0:25 ✪ THX Sound #02 ✪ 0:31 ✪ Alan Silvestri – Back to the future OST #03 ✪ 0:35 ✪ Kenji Kawai – Ghost in the shell […]

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Espion music biography

17 March, 2015 エスピオン

Like Espion on Facebook // Soundcloud & Soundcloud Like Error Response on Facebook // Soundcloud Error Response Album on Spotify here. Youtube channel espionhyperoctave Contact Stephen on Linkedin “Error Response blew me away with its refreshing take on contemporary electronic composition… very future-is-now and cinematic, dramatic, yet hauntingly beautiful and rich with emotion… Stephen Arnold […]

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Todd Terje – Live 2014 Oya Festival

06 October, 2014 エスピオン

Terje Olsen, better known as Todd Terje, is a Norwegian DJ, songwriter, and record producer. His stage name is a homage to house music producer Todd Terry. He was one of the headliners at the prestigious Sónar festival in Barcelona, playing alongside frequent collaborator Lindstrøm. Following the release of this year’s excellently-titled It’s Album Time, […]

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Soundloom real-time generative audio

08 September, 2014 エスピオン

A ‘sound-loom’ which generates sound and its corresponding notation simultaneously and in real-time. The composition is generative, but the operator can input change at certain points in the system to act as the seed of variation, often with unpredictable outcomes.

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BEAT BLOX by Per Holmquist

05 September, 2014 エスピオン

Beat Blox is a project by Per Holmquist from Sweden. The project allows anyone to create and experiment with music using three turntables and digital sensors. As the user adds a block to the deck, the sensor plays a sound.

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8-bit Matrix

08 August, 2014 エスピオン

Check out the Matrix with 8-bit sound effects!

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League of Legends Cinematic: A New Dawn – Behind the Scenes

03 August, 2014 エスピオン

Check out the behind-the-scenes video below for a look at how Riot Games tapped into character design, music, animation, and even classic Foley techniques to showcase some of your favorite champions slugging it out for blood, guts, and glory.

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Composing the Score for Outlast by Samuel Laflamme

27 June, 2014 エスピオン

Music created to give you nightmares. Follow composer Samuel Laflamme in the making of the soundtrack from the critically acclaimed game Outlast.

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20syl – Kodama (official music video)

23 June, 2014 エスピオン

French producer 20syl introduces a neat new video for his “Kodama” single. Co-directed by Mathieu Le Dude and 20syl himself.

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22 February, 2014 Steve Walker

Crystals is an audio-visual collaboration utilizing live orchestra between multi-disciplinary artist Bruno Levy and DJ/composer Kate Simko. Using stop motion photography, Bruno captured various types of crystals growing under a microscope.

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Elektron Analog Rytm – 8 voice analog drum machine with sample support

23 January, 2014 エスピオン

Elektron have released the specifications and demo videos for their latest electronic music production hardware; the Analog Rytm – an 8 voice analog drum machine with sample support. The Analog Rytm is a one stop solution beat machine. Distinguished by the power of analog drum sounds fused with samples. Perfected by the immediacy of drum […]

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Amon Tobin – ISAM – Entire Live Performance in HD

20 December, 2013 エスピオン

ISAM (Invented Sounds Applied to Music) is the seventh full-length studio album by Brazilian electronic musician Amon Tobin. Re-drawing and blurring the lines between psychedelia and sci-fi, between art and entertainment, between sound design and melody, Amon Tobin has created the finest, most intense work of his very considerable career, an extension and refinement of […]

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Girl With Amazing Voice does live cover of SBTRKT – Wildfire

16 December, 2013 エスピオン

Wildfire // JENI // SBTRKT ft. Drake & Little Dragon

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Super Mario Bros. 2 Gypsy Jazz version

30 November, 2013 エスピオン

An acoustic guitar version of the Super Mario Bros 2 level-one theme, in the style of Django Reinhardt, by Adrian Holovaty.

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Simon Stokes: Thanks (A Million) [Rhodes & TR-909]

28 November, 2013 エスピオン

To celebrate 1,000,000 views on his youtube channel, Simon Stokes recorded this track live on his Fender Rhodes and TR-909 through Ableton. More info at:

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KORG volca series – 3 analogue synthesizers for the ultimate leads, basses, and rhythms

25 November, 2013 エスピオン

Korg announces the volca series of analog synthesizers. The volca series is a new lineup consisting of three units: the volca Keys lead Synthesizer, the volca Bass synthesizer, and the volca Beats rhythm machine. These units let you create a diverse array of fat sounds that can only be obtained from an analog synthesizer; and […]

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Transparent Machines™

21 November, 2013 エスピオン

We are the Transparent Machines™ Our society is obsessed with the conflicting concepts of transparency and privacy. We are “outraged” by the actions of the NSA, yet continue to willfully upload more and more of our personal information to Facebook and Google. This film explores the contradictory nature of our actions and beliefs regarding transparency. […]

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littleBits Synth Kit in collaboration with KORG

21 November, 2013 エスピオン

The littleBits synth kit is an incredibly powerful, easy to use modular synthesizer. The Synth Kit, developed in partnership with Korg, a pioneer of electronic musical equipment, enables amateur and professional musicians to easily explore the iconic synthesizer instrument, allowing you to make exciting new sounds and build their own infinitely customizable and expandable analog […]

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