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Arma 3: 100 years of war

24 April, 2017 エスピオン

A cinematic video in the Arma 3 engine, showing a timeline of wars over the last 100 years. WW1 (1914), WW2 (1939), Korean war (1950), Vietnam war (1955), Afghanistan war (1978), Falklands war (1982), Gulf war (1991), Chechen war (1999), Afghanistan (2001), Syria (2013), Ukraine (2014)

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Behind the Magic: The Visual Effects of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

07 September, 2016 エスピオン

ILM have shared a sample of the visual effects work created for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The history of ILM leads all the way back to 1975 and origins of Star Wars and The Force Awakens gave us the opportunity to once again push the boundaries of what is possible in character animation and […]

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Pale Blue Dot

24 August, 2016 エスピオン

Set to the words of Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot is an animation that situates human history against the tapestry of the cosmos. Using a eclectic combination of art styles woven seamlessly together through music and visuals, the animation seeks to remind us that regardless of our differences, we are one species living together on […]

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CG Short: The Last Day of War

28 June, 2016 エスピオン

Enjoy this part 2 of the Last Day of War” by the talented Dima Fedotov! The last war broke out. All the people are dead, but the machines continue dutifully to follow orders. The automatic base machines begin fueling and charging the weapons of last surviving bomber preparing it to drop bombs on the dead […]

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Unity Adam film

The Adam demo is a real-time-rendered short film created with the Unity engine by our demo team. It runs at 1440p on a GeForce GTX980 and was shown on the booths at our Unite Europe conference. It’s built to showcase and test out the graphical quality achievable with Unity in 2016.

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Oyster Advanced Body Skeleton Tracking

The days of motion capture may be numbered, as video tracking algorithms get more advanced. Oyster combines advanced machine learning algorithms from motion tracking and synthetic data to provide accurate real time body tracking. Now all you need to animate your characters is a camera and this software! More info:

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How to animate pixel art by Planet Centauri

08 December, 2015 エスピオン

A timelapse tutorial from Planet Centauri on how to create and animate pixel art!

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The Red Drum Getaway: An Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick Mashup

20 October, 2015 エスピオン

A Hitchcock mashup where Kubrick is the villain. “Jimmy was having a rather beautiful day until he bumped into Jack and things got weird.” Directed by: Adrien Dezalay, Emmanuel Delabaere, Simon Philippe. Gump website: Gump blog: Gump on Facebook:

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Psychedelic Animation Music Video: The Music Scene

09 October, 2015 Steve Walker

An animated mind melt into a post human New York where TV and animals rule. Animated by A. F. Schepperd

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The Pixel Simpsons

29 September, 2015 エスピオン

Pixel tribute to the hit series “The Simpsons” directed and animated by Paul Robertson and Ivan Dixon, music by Jeremy Dower. Paul – Ivan – Jeremy –

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Weird Simpsons VHS

28 September, 2015 エスピオン

This opening is just a small part of a collaboration project made up by Charles Huettner, Ivan Dixon and James Hatley. The original idea was to invite some animators to produce, in their own style, a short story in the Simpsons universe. Directed and animated by Yoann Hervo with the help of Hugo Moreno Sound […]

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Dinosaur – Short, 2015

27 September, 2015 Patrick Chomik
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Animating Kung Fury by Old Skull Games

24 September, 2015 エスピオン

The super rad team at Old Skull Games assemble in Lyon, France to show us the creative process behind one of the most “butt clenching” sequences in Kung Fury.

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Beeple: Zero-Day

23 September, 2015 エスピオン

The next world war will not be invisible. After the success of STUXNET, a virus written by the United States to destroy Iranian uranium enrichment facilities, the U.S. government could no longer deny it was developing cyber weapons meant to do physical damage. With US companies and agencies under constant attack from state-sponsored Chinese hackers, […]

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Clover ground: Sinister voices of Easton

19 September, 2015 エスピオン

Clover ground: Sinister voices of Easton with visuals by numbercult, creator of the Soundloom generative audio.

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EXTROPY – Speedhack by Dylan Nathan AKA Jega

When reality is augmented, DNA is synthetic and machines are sentient, what does it mean to be real? What is life? Speedhack is a high-octane journey through a near future city sprawl. Created entirely by Dylan J Nathan aka Jega, the short is a proof of concept scene from EXTROPY, a sci-fi feature film for […]

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TIE Fighter – a Star Wars animation in anime style!

25 March, 2015 エスピオン

What if there was an Empire-focused short Star Wars animation, drawn with the crazy detail and shading of classic 80s anime that’s all but vanished from Japan nowadays? Drawn and animated by British artist Paul Michael Johnson AKA MightyOtaking, over 4 years’ worth of weekends, with music by the living guitar solo Zak Rahman and […]

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The Leviathan – Teaser

19 March, 2015 エスピオン

Proof of Concept Teaser for The Leviathan. Follow me on twitter! Developed with the assistance of Bord Scannáin na hÉireann/ the Irish Film Board Created by Ruairi Robinson. With a script by Jim Uhls (screenwriter of FIGHT CLUB)

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“Optical Circuit” by 0x4015 – demoscene animation under 4096 bytes of code

02 March, 2015 エスピオン

4k intro “Optical Circuit” by 0x4015. released at TokyoDemoFest2015 Original link:

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Entropic Mechanoid

07 November, 2014 Steve Walker

A 3D project by Steven Walker (Pixeltripper) animated to Propaganda – a song by the guy that runs The Pixel Issue, aka Espion!

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Great martian war

10 October, 2014 エスピオン

Archive recreation for The Great Martian War documentary by impossible factual for History Canada. Directed by Christian Johnson, (Plazma). and Steve Maher (impossible factual). Music: “88” by Working for a Nuclear Free City.

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07 October, 2014 エスピオン

Despite the fact that mankind is killed, the war still continues. War continued with automated system left by people. One of the last surviving bomber and its pilot still performs its task. The city is dead for a long time. Dead people who built it. Dead people who gave the order to destroy the city. […]

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Animation by Sony Pictures Imageworks

22 August, 2014 エスピオン

Check out this incredibly insightful behind the scenes, by the talented team at Sony Pictures Imageworks, where they show how they created new animation techniques for The Amazing Spider-Man 2! Narrated by Animation Supervisor David Schaub. And another scene breakdown with Electro

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Making of SYNCHRONICITY by Side, 3Lateral, & Cubic Motion

20 August, 2014 エスピオン

Watch this fantastic and realistic CGI performance capture called “SYNCHRONICITY” starring Lydia Leonard and written and directed by Mark Healy. “SYNCHRONICITY” was created to showcase the depth of emotion achievable by capturing and animating the finer details of a performance. Writing, casting, directing and performance capture was carried out by award winning production company Side. […]

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The Making of Ghost in the Shell 3D

06 August, 2014 エスピオン

Making of G.I.T.S. is a site dedicated to show sample work that went into the collaborative Ghost in the Shell project from the 3D team, and to properly represent the people that worked on the project in their free time. This is their tribute to an insanely inspirational piece of Art by Mamoru Oshii.

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