7FRAMED – Indie Action FPS


When caught between the oppressive machinations of a super corporation and the subversive manipulations of an insurgent hacker collective, the thinking man has only two choices: surrender your free will, your hope, and your very future. Give up. Or cross the line of rational thought, take actions that no civilized man would take, and maybe, just maybe, live long enough to change the world.

7FRAMED puts you in the role of not one but seven citizens targeted by the groups that would control them. Set up for crimes you did not commit, 7FRAMED allows you to play from not only the perspective of all of the victims but other characters in the world. Every shift in point of view brings new insights into the agenda of the enemy and brings you steps closer to solving the mysteries of why you? Why were you targeted? And every character you play brings you closer to the realization that your characters must be pivotal players on the global stage even if they do not know it yet.

Check out the kickstarter campaign at www.kickstarter.com/projects/1257999391/framed-indie-aaa-action-shooter