The Fable series takes place in the setting of Albion, the fictional nation. It is comprised of many city-states that have great vast land between them. Each game has progressed in time starting with the medieval era in Fable I, starting off as a young orphan whose sister was kidnapped by bandits. This is the first step towards the heroic actions of the orphan in order to become the legend. In Fable II, the nation had progressed to the Enlightenment period which is then followed by a period of industrialization in Fable III. You must choose which path to take, and whether you would like to be the star hero or the star villain. The choice is yours. I would recommend this game to anyone who has an interest in the action rpg genre and looking for an epic series.

Fable I:

Fable II:

Fable III:

From choosing to be the hero, the villain, to just chasing after pure fortune and fame, they have put together an amazing series that offers you multiple reasons to play. Putting this game on the new Xbox One console has now given us the chance to speculate on how great this games potential can be.

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