Wizkid was a computer game for the Amiga, Atari ST and PC, developed by Sensible Software and released by Ocean Software in 1992.

The story starts after the Wiz and his cat Nifta had restored colours to their world. They were both married and had a son, Wizkid, and eight kittens. All was peaceful and happy until the evil mouse wizard Zark came and kidnapped the Wiz, Nifta, and all the kittens, imprisoning them in different parts of the world. It is Wizkid’s job to save them.

In each level, the player plays the head of Wizkid, which can fly around the screen in all four directions. The aim is to knock various objects into the enemies, killing them. When all enemies are killed, play proceeds to the next screen, and after all screens have been completed, proceeds to the next level.

Bonus objects include a nose which allows Wizkid to juggle blocks on his head, and teeth allowing him to grip them and throw them in the desired direction. If the player doesn’t manage to kill all the enemies with the object on each level, he will lose the bonus acquired and have to start again.

The adventure aspect of the game comes into play when Wizkid manages to collect a whole sequence of bonus musical notes.
This allows him to re-embody his head and interact with the background landscape. Items can be bought with money, and must be used throughout the game to collect enough kittens to reach Zark’s Castle before Zark can get back.

These puzzles often include humorous interludes – for example, on the first level you must distract a vicious-looking dog by giving him a newspaper; moments later he can be seen reading it whilst sitting in an out-house toilet.

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