Look at it, watch the video above and bask in its beauty. The PS Vita finally arrives on these shores on February 22nd and I have a dilemma.

I loved the PSP, I played that little thing to death and broke that wee analogue stick about 8 times. I eventually stopped getting it fixed when I realised I’d paid more for repairs than for the actual machine. So it’s been gathering dust for a while and I’ve been heftily embracing the world of mobile gaming. Now, with it’s successor imminent, is it worth shelling out for?

I wandered into a Sony shop the other day and received a 10 minute hard sell on why it was such an awesome machine, but the guy basically had me at “there’ll be games that you can play on your PS3, then continue them on the Vita”. That sounds gallus to me. Mainly as I’m constantly interrupted at home and undertake most gaming on the move these days.

But with mobile gaming being quite decent these days (particularly Kairosoft‘s games which are basically like crack), is it worth spending the money on the Vita? Are the social features etc really worth it?

Go on…tell me yes so I can help justify it to myself.


  1. I’m going to get one once my PSP Lite dies at some point. Not worth the launch price for me, but I’ve been very fond of using one at the office. Uncharted sold me on it.

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