As with most people my age, I tend to get overly nostalgic on occasion. These days due to child and other commitments I’m mostly locked indoors and any consumption of alcohol kicks off the retro trip. I’ll start by listening to old skool rave and eventually will move onto retro games.

One game I always manage a few plays at when in this state is the mighty “Rock Star Ate My Hamster”. Most people tend to dream of being rock stars but I weirdly always fancied dipping my toe into the world of managing these mentalists and this cracking Codemasters title from 1988 afforded me this luxury.

Without boring you with too much detail, you build your band from a selection of humorously named musicians, practice, gig, then release singles and albums and deal with all the ins and outs of running a band including fall outs, drug overdoses a-plenty and so on.

If you weren’t lucky enough to partake of this beauty before, you can hop on over to World of Spectrum for more info but unfortunately not a download. This is another classic that deserves a wee mobile version, come on developers….feed us nostalgia hungry dinosaurs.

Rock Star Ate My Hamster

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